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Before I tell you this Greek myth, I would like to say that for this I have consulted a book titled Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, and that these myths are told very differently by many of the books out on the market about Greek gods and myths. Therefore, you may have heard these myths before, and they most likely were told in a different manner than from what I am about to tell you. Thanks!

How The World Got Created (According to the Greeks)

There was nothing in the universe before the world existed. Well, there was one thing. There was a lone god named Chaos, and he was made of all the things floating about in the cosmos. Basically, Chaos was just kind of there. He had a conscience, though, so it must’ve been a pretty depressing life to be made of a soupy sort of mist. Chaos couldn’t even pop in for a Starbucks coffee.. Mainly because it didn’t exist yet, but you get the idea.

After awhile, some of Chaos came together and solidified to create something new.. Earth! Earth even developed her own cheery living personality. Maybe she didn’t like the name “Earth” or something, but she got to thinking about a new name. “Hmm.. How about Gaea? I like that!” So from then on, she was Gaea. Her full title was Gaea, the Earth Mother. Now, Gaea was the earth, meaning she was all the mountains, the rivers and rocks, the whole thing. She enjoyed walking across the face of the earth (which means she was walking across her own face) as a beautiful woman, surveying the world. The only problem she saw when she looked at the world was when she looked up- poof! Right there was Chaos. See, when you think of the skyline, you probably think of a great big blue dome covering the world. But for Gaea, all she got was gloomy Chaos. Personally, I could go for a view like that when I looked at the skyline. Anyway, what Gaea really wanted was a sky. Perhaps she willed it to happen or maybe she was all, “Hey! Chaos! You better do something about this view! I want a sky!!” Whichever way it went, eventually a sky formed. A dome now covered the world, black and starry at night and, well, sky blue in the day. Not surprisingly, the sky had a conscience too. He called himself Ouranos, which is another name for Uranus. He, like Gaea, could take a human form and visit Gaea, walking with her on earth. Whenever they walked together, I wonder if Gaea ever felt it… Anyhow, Ouranos and Gaea eventually got married, which must’ve been embarrassing for Gaea, because she would have to say, “I’m married to Uranus,” which just sounds so wrong.

The couple had children, too, but that is a myth for another time.

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